Climbing Carabiners
Climbing Carabiners
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Locking Carabiners

Looking for an extra carabiner for your adventures? Choose from a limited supply of colorful options.

  • What is a kN rating? kN stands for Kilonewton and is a common measurement of force in climbing activities. 1 kN = approximately 225lbs of force (e.g., 12kN = ~2,700lbs). 
  • Size/Weight: Carabiners are highly efficient in size. The 12kN carabiner is ~3in in length and weighs ~1oz; 24kN is ~4in in length and weights ~2oz
  • Locking Mechanism: The carabiners come in either screw lock or auto-lock design. The auto-lock is spring loaded and you twist to open and 'auto-locks' when released.