Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by 'recycled' or 'upcycled' rope? 

All gear is handmade from either brand new ('upcycled') or recycled professional climbing rope, all from the top brand names on the market. There are a number of factors that may cause a climber to "retire" a rope, including age, amount of use and/or amount of wear. Once retired, the rope still has a ton of life in it and is great for upcycling!    

What's the right length of dog leash for my pup? 

While we custom make all of our leashes, the two most commonly purchased lengths for dog leashes are 4ft and 6ft. 

  • 4 feet: Great when needing better control of your pup, keeping him/her a bit closer
  • 6 feet: Standard length for walks and training. Do you like taking your pup for a jog or run? Stick to a longer leash to allow for some slack 

Do I need a carabiner upgrade? 

Not really, but why not? They look cool, they're functional, they go with the theme of climbing rope. We offer two types of carabiner upgrades:

  • 12kN: the kN rated is tied to the amount of force the carabiner can support. A 12kN rating should support 2,698 pounds of force
  • 24kN: These are the larger carabiner options in my shop and as the size suggests, it supports double the force of the 12kN 

Why do you include a metal ring around the leash handle?

The metal ring provides an easy and efficient way to clip your keys, poop bag container, etc to your leash. It's a complementary feature, but if you'd prefer not to include one, please just note at checkout. 

Are climbing rope leashes meant for small dogs? 

Climbing ropes make for great leashes for dogs of all sizes. The metal clasps used to seal the ropes can look a bit bulky next to the really little guys. We do have a selection of thin diameter ropes (~8mm in diameter, vs the average of ~10mm), which use a slightly smaller metal clasp. Contact us if you'd like to discuss options.  

Do you partner with certain animal rescues/shelters?

Yes! We donate gear and run promotional fundraises for many animal shelters. We're always looking for great recommendations from our customers. Do you know a great local animal shelter we should contact? email us :)