Rubber Clasp Covers (2 pack)
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Rubber Clasp Covers (2 pack)

Looking for an extra pop of color for your gear? Every climbing rope product includes complimentary clasp covers for the metal clasps used to seal the climbing rope. These thin rubber covers are more cosmetic and can be worn down over time. If you would like to purchase additional color options and/or back-up covers you may do so here. Price is for 1 pair (2 covers). 

NOTE: Additional covers may not be added to collars or the top metal clasp of a traffic handle. They may only be added to those items that have a metal clasp fully accessible to a new rubber cover sliding over. 

Instructions: the covers are a heat-shrinking rubber and will require a heat source (hair dryer being the most common) to properly seal. 

Adding new covers 

  • Step 1: if applicable, carefully remove existing rubber covers from the clasps
  • Step 2: slide new rubber covers over metal clasps so that the metal clasp is in the middle (under) the rubber cover
  • Step 3: use a heat source to heat-shrink the rubber cover over the metal

If preferred, you may mail your item back to have the rubber covers added at no extra charge (you will need to pay postage both ways).